About Us

About Us

Travel COVID-19 Test was created to
safeguard travellers’ return home

Our Service

Our tests are characterized by their high-quality reagents, ensuring their high specification, and by our certified laboratories’ processing capacity, allowing us to offer results in record time.

We have sample collection clinics located at Madrid, Malaga and Seville airports to increase travellers’ access to COVID-19 Testing, as they can take a PCR, Rapid Antigen Test or Rapid Antibody Test before catching their flight.

International travellers can have their sample collected and get their test results on the same day. When taking a Rapid Antigen Test or a Rapid Antibody Test, results will be available in 15-20 minutes, while PCR test results will be sent within 12 hours.

Service available at:

Madrid Airport

Malaga Airport

Sevilla Airport

Companies behind Travel COVID-19 Testing Centre

Recoletas Red Hospitalaria is one of Spain’s most important hospital groups and the leader in Castile and León. It boasts an excellent medical team, state-of-the-art technology, and highly equipped facilities to provide the best and most complete hospital service.

Recoletas Red Hospitalaria specializes in managing high-tech health care resources, an area in which it has established itself with eight hospitals, twelve medical centres, five institutes and four diagnostic centres across Valladolid, Burgos, Palencia, Zamora, Segovia, Cuenca, Santander, Plasencia and Ponferrada.

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ARQUIMEA is a multi-sector technology company operating globally in highly demanding industries. Its health care area applies science and technology to develop and provide solutions in the health industry and its application in prevention and care for people.

ARQUIMEA has vast experience in developing and managing COVID-19 test services and protocols, and boasts a team of experts in biotechnology and genetics, allowing it to develop reliable and fast tests.

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