Destinations where a COVID-19 test is required

We are living in turbulent times, in which, in spite of noticing how little by little the security and stability against COVID-19 is becoming more and more visible, mainly thanks to the large number of vaccinations carried out all over the world, air travel to other parts of the country or abroad still requires the strictest security measures. But do you know in which destinations a COVID-19 test is required?

The security protocols required for air travel in national and international territory demand certain guidelines that must be followed in detail, in order to guarantee our safety and that of other passengers.

If you are planning a trip soon and do not know which are the steps to follow in order to make your trip by plane, read carefully the advice we offer you from Travel Covid Test:

  • European foreign destinations requiring a negative PCR are as follows: France, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, Turkey, Ukraine, Croatia, Poland, Malta, Sweden and Switzerland. All of them must be accessed with a previous negative PCR result. Only in some countries may PCR testing be replaced by documentation of vaccination. In addition, it is important to note that these destinations do not require quarantine once you enter the country.
  • On the contrary, the European countries that require some kind ofquarantine when entering the country are the following: United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, among others. United Kingdom requires 10 days of forty days after arrival, Ireland 14 days and 5 days for Iceland.
  • Please note that countries such as Germany, Slovenia, Belgium and Denmark distinguish between cities of origin from Spain. In other words, for example, residents of autonomous communities such as Galicia, Extremadura or the Valencian Community will find fewer entry limitations.
  • On the other hand, the European countries that do not require any type of restriction to access them from Spain are Andorra, Romania, North Macedonia and Albania. Other countries such as Costa Rica, Jamaica and Mexico also do not require any type of COVID-19 test.
  • Finally, there are several countries that currently restrict access to Spanish tourists, such as the United States, Japan, Argentina, Indonesia, Morocco, Canada and India.

It is important to know in detail when we are going to organize a trip, what kind of restrictions are requested in each destination country, as well as the measures that, once inside the country, must be taken to collaborate with the fight against COVID-19.

In addition,you will need to check the destination government’s website on a weekly basis, as changes in restrictions occur very frequently. Therefore, we recommend that you do not book any tests until two weeks before your trip as the regulations at your destination may change regarding the required test.