Summer is already here, and with it comes the trips and the comings and goings at the airports. Many people choose Spain as the perfect touristic place because of our beaches, our weather and our culture. But, do you know what are the requirements for travelling to Spain?

Countries belonging European Union

From Brussels, they have conducted a health European certificate, that has the goal of accrediting some of the requirements to travel to any of the member states of the European Union. This document must have a certificate of fully vaccinated, with a negative diagnostic test, made 48 hours before the arrival in Spain, or with a recuperation Covid-19 certificate.

But it exists exceptions to it. 12 years-old children and tourists from some of the european zones located in the “green traffic ligt” of the European Centre for Disease Control, must not attach any of the certificates mentioned before.

Countries not-belonging European Union

For its part, currently, there are some countries not-belonging European Union, that can travel to Spain without any restriction, such as Albania, Australia, South Corea, United States, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, New Zealand, Serbia, Ruanda, North Macedonia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapur, Hong Kong, Macao and China.

Trips to Spain for tourism

All of the people from any of the member states who want to travel to Spain only for leisure must present a complete pattern of any of the vaccines approved by European Medicine Agency (EMA) or by World Health Organization (WHO). Moreover, it will be essential that the vaccination has been completed at least two weeks before the trip.

Tourists from the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, after being suffering a severe grouth of people infected by Covid-19, joined with the rest f the countries that must come to Spain with the requirements outlined, such as a PCR or a negative antigens test, or a complete vaccination standard.

For being in continuous awareness of the latest news related to these terms, it is appropriate to visit frequently the Government website, where it explains elaborately all of the requirements depending on the place of destination where you want to travel.